Game of Throne Season 6 Latest Trailer

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April is the Songkran month as it marks the beginning of New Year for Thailand. It also rings in Game of Throne. We’re just days away from the start of Game of Throne Season 6 (Sunday April 24th to be exact). I’m a fanboy as I do read all the book.  Until now.

What makes Game of Throne Season 6 so compelling is because the show is now ahead of the book (thanks George!). So no one knows what’s happening next. The biggest questions mark Game of Throne Season 5 finale left is, “Is Jon Snow really dead?”.

Conspiracy theories flooded the Net seeing that Jon Snow is supposed to be one of the chosen ones. I do stick to the theory that Melisandre will resurrect Jon Snow. He will no longer be fully human ala Lord Beric Donddarion. Jon Snow’s corpse in the trailer makes this whole theory much more plausible. Meanwhile, enjoy the latest Game of Thrones Season 6. My fanboy block is ticking.

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